Mid-Grade Readers

The Ghost of Gasparilla

Best friends Silky and Sly decide to research pirates for a school project.  When they stumble upon the mystery of the pirate Gasparilla, they are determined to try to find out what happened to the infamous sailor.  Their opportunity is presented in an invitation to spend the summer at the home of Silky's aunt and uncle who live on Florida's Gulf Coast.  When the children discover a sunken boat off the coast of Gasparilla Island, they must decide whether to risk raising the ghost of Gasparilla or braving the consequences and trying to solve the mystery of the lost pirate and his ship.  This is a mid-grade readers book.



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The Victorian House

Silky and Sly are invited to the home of Sly's paternal grandparents who live on Smith Mountain, Virginia.  One day they discover a seemingly abandoned old Victorian house and they begin to explore.  What they find in the ramshackle house will forever change their lives.  We meet a young boy named Pax who is a descendent of Booker T. Washington and together with Silky's grandparents and the resourcefulness of the children, a wrong is righted.  This is an award winning book for those with fourth grade and above reading skills.


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