Nothing Left to Burn

"Where is our house?" Those four words alerted me to a problem that would dramatically change my husband's life as well as my own. Being a Clinical Psycholigist, I recognized early on the initial synptoms of Alzheimer's desease. I began to journal my experiences; thus the genesis for this book. … [Read more...]

Making Love On Scrabble

or over eight years, a caregiver provides a reinforcement program for her husband, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The program of behavioral, cognitive and emotional reinforcement is explained along with descriptive conversation in order to illustrate the essential components of the program. The … [Read more...]

Just a Common Lady

Just a Common Lady is a story of the weathering process of tragedy and opportunity. Throughout it all, the author is determined never to forget or betray her roots of smalltown community support, family cohesion and the ongoing opportunity to overcome life's adverse events. ISBN: … [Read more...]

The Blue Penguin

  The Blue Penguin teaches a great lesson to young readers that it is okay to just be YOU! This book teaches the reader to be proud of what you accomplish and the challenges you face everyday. The author, Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot is inspired everyday herself by her own grandchildren. … [Read more...]

The Colors of Myself

  Sameon Klanot is a four year old boy who lives in Sarasota, Florida with his parents and four older sisters. Sam loves to create stories in his mind, some of which he puts on paper with his paints. He also loves to go biking with his family and create spaceships with Legos. Sam is not sure … [Read more...]

Peter, the Pole and the Knob

  Peter Michael Henderson is a bench warmer in the Millard baseball Little league. He has visions of hitting imaginary balls and scoring runs for his team but his visions are mostly fantasies until he gets up in a difficult situation in which he can either be the hero or the villian. … [Read more...]

Just Hanging Out

  Follow the footsteps inside this adorable book of poems written for kids to enjoy. From Rainbows to bubblegum, nine year old author Khaya Dawn Klanot has taken her poetic words and turned them into a masterpiece. This book was illustrated by her grandma, Dr. Karen Hutchins … [Read more...]

As I Am

  In a single moment in time, four year old Garret Frey was transformed from an active and energetic four-year-old to a quadriplegic-ventilator-dependent boy who struggled to make sense of a world in disarray. For seven years, Garret worked with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Karen Pirnot as Garret … [Read more...]