Nothing Left To Burn-A Story of Alzheimer’s

This book was just listed this week and is already making waves.  It graphically details the life of a professional woman who was thrust into the life of a caregiver when her husband uttered the words, "Where is our house?" some years ago.  The book uses dialogue to allow the reader glimpses into … [Read more...]


ATTENTION ALL PARENTS:  If you have a preschooler about ready for school, it's a great time to up your nightly reading program.  Children learn more quickly when the spoken word is associated with something visual.  Early reading books are a great way to introduce children to the forms of letters as … [Read more...]


Here's a tried and true saying: "WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING!" This has never been more true than in the story entitled "PETER, THE POLE AND THE KNOB."   The book is based upon the true life condition of a child patient in my practice in Iowa.  But the story is … [Read more...]


MALE AND FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS In what ways are female friendships different than those of male friendships?  In my latest book EATING THROUGH THE EARTH, we find a woman going into her senior years who has always been a “good girl.”  She longs to sow her wild oats and, when she does, she ends up … [Read more...]

What Does Quality of Life Mean to YOU?

Imagine yourself totally paralyzed just below your chin.  You can move nothing but your head.  And then imagine a ventilator attached to your throat to help you breathe.  This is not a temporary “nuisance” condition.  This is the life of Garret Frey of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Injured in a motor … [Read more...]


EATING THROUGH THE EARTH has just been uploaded to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  It has already earned a Five Star Review Award.  This is a fun read for women and men alike.  We meet Stelby Skinkman, a widowed 60 year old who longs to sew her wild oats.  When her daughter gives her a gift … [Read more...]

What Helps to Weather YOU and What Buckles YOU?

In my book "Just a Common Lady," I talk about how a motherless female child made her way through life by tenacity and trying to adjust to the expectations of others.  The child had one upheaval after another and managed to take life's bumps into a reasonably adjusted childhood.  In another of my … [Read more...]

Is Time Travel for YOU?

In the new version of Traveling With Grandma, precocious 8 year old Katie Carson discovers a primitive time travel machine in Grandma's basement.  She is chock full of adventure and willing to put adventure ahead of safety.  But, Katie's parents apply the brakes and Grandma steps in to offer Katie a … [Read more...]

The Blue Penguin

  The Blue Penguin teaches a great lesson to young readers that it is okay to just be YOU! This book teaches the reader to be proud of what you accomplish and the challenges you face everyday. The author, Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot is inspired everyday herself by her own grandchildren. … [Read more...]

The Colors of Myself

  Sameon Klanot is a four year old boy who lives in Sarasota, Florida with his parents and four older sisters. Sam loves to create stories in his mind, some of which he puts on paper with his paints. He also loves to go biking with his family and create spaceships with Legos. Sam is not sure … [Read more...]