Nothing Left to Burn

"Where is our house?" Those four words alerted me to a problem that would dramatically change my husband's life as well as my own. Being a Clinical Psycholigist, I recognized early on the initial synptoms of Alzheimer's desease. I began to journal my experiences; thus the genesis for this book. … [Read more...]

Making Love On Scrabble

or over eight years, a caregiver provides a reinforcement program for her husband, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The program of behavioral, cognitive and emotional reinforcement is explained along with descriptive conversation in order to illustrate the essential components of the program. The … [Read more...]

Just a Common Lady

Just a Common Lady is a story of the weathering process of tragedy and opportunity. Throughout it all, the author is determined never to forget or betray her roots of smalltown community support, family cohesion and the ongoing opportunity to overcome life's adverse events. ISBN: … [Read more...]