EATING THROUGH THE EARTH has just been uploaded to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  It has already earned a Five Star Review Award.  This is a fun read for women and men alike.  We meet Stelby Skinkman, a widowed 60 year old who longs to sew her wild oats.  When her daughter gives her a gift certificate to a spa in a nearby town, Stelby gets herself made up and she has a one night stand.  The experience moves her profoundly and she vows to begin a group in which her friends will explore their routine lives and try to figure out how to spice things up a bit.  When a baby skeleton is found in Stelby’s basement, the members all confide deep, dark secrets that threatens to move them off the comfortable spots they have occupied for years.

The book explores issues relevant to middle aged women who have questions about advancing to their “golden years.”  It is honest and frank and loving and raises issues for women of any age.  What would you do if you found yourself in Stelby’s position in life?  Would you be content to sit back and make afghans for nursing homes?  Would you write children’s books?  Would you travel the world?  Or would you want to sky dive and/or take chances to discover your own limits?

To look at or to order this book, go to Amazon and type in dr. karen hutchins pirnot and the books will all come up.  Select “Eating Through the Earth” to order the book.