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In a single moment in time, four year old Garret Frey was transformed from an active and energetic four-year-old to a quadriplegic-ventilator-dependent boy who struggled to make sense of a world in disarray. For seven years, Garret worked with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Karen Pirnot as Garret learned that his mental powers could help compensate for the loss of body function.

As I Am details the struggles of Garret's mother to advocate for a "normal," childhood education for her son in the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In order to be afforded a stimulating learning environment in the least restrictive environment, Garret's legal case went through a lengthy court process, ending in his appearance before the Justices of the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruling in Garret's favor set precedence for access to public education for thousands of handicapped children throughout the nation.

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Supreme Court Case No. 96-1993
Cedar Rapids Community School District, Pertitioner, v Garret F.

More About Garret

Garret Frey is a twenty-six year old ventilator-dependent-quadriplegic who was paralyzed at the age of four. Through the years since his childhood accident, Garret has learned to cope with his disability in order to live a happy and enriched life. He continually draws strength and encouragement from his family and his network of devoted friends.

Garret has adopted a motivation to live through a highly positive mind orientation. He dwells on what is available rather than on what has been lost. He is a very optimistic young man who has personal hopes and dreams for himself in the future. Garret's motto is to live each and every day to the fullest.

Garret lives with his mother in their home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He attends a community college where he is studying toward a degree in business. Although Garret's mother remains a primary caretaker, nurses and friends continue to provide essential care services for Garret.

Life's enjoyments include traveling, soaking up warm sunshine and being with family and friends. Garret stays active and busy through various computer projects as well as speaking appearances in which he acquaints people in the health care profession about the quality of life available for individuals with disabilities similar to his own.

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